LittleAndMe is a mother’s treasure box where she puts for her little ones, all the hand-picked products that she has carefully selected from around the world. Because of love, a mother endeavored to ensure only the best products surrounded her little one. She learned to read the ingredients, understand the materials from which the products were made, and to appreciate how they were produced. Delightfully, she has found conscious international brands who equally share her concern for the next generation, and who are not only considerate of our environment, but have a willingness to do just that “little bit more” for future generations and beyond.

In 2009, when her little one was two years old, the mother looked into her treasure box containing all these lovely products that grew with her little one. She then wondered, “It would be such a pity if no other families knew of these wonderful products….” She believes that quality and safe products bring happy and enjoyable moments for families, together with peace of mind, and they should be shared with others. The mother felt passionate about this and thus decided to go forth, and promote these “friend to little ones, friend to earth” products, knowing that she is also contributing to a better future for all little ones! So this is “LittleAndMe”, borne of a mother’s love!

Safety Standards

Because these products are for little ones, above all else, LittleAndMe is concerned with the safety of these products. All products listed in LittleAndMe comply with internationally recognized safety standards, such as EN-71, ASTM, CPSIA, and CE.

Saving Your Time

LittleAndMe cares for your little ones’ needs at every stage of his/her development. From newborn to taking his/her first steps, from first words to attending his/her first day at school, LittleAndMe has carefully selected the best products and toys for your little ones. We hope to help save your time in your search for the right products, and leave more precious moments for you to spend with your little ones. We will endeavor to source more quality products for you on LittleAndMe.

Natural, Organic, and Eco-Friendly

LittleAndMe believes that in producing quality products, there should be a commitment to be considerate of our environment so that it maybe enjoyed by our little ones and future generations to come. We choose products that are natural, organic and eco-friendly. We also support responsible brands that not only care about our environment throughout the production process, but also do not waste resources and over package products.

LittleAndMe Criteria

"What else can I do for her? " …This is a question that never leaves this mother’s mind.

Simply because we love them more than anything in the world, we want to ensure that our little ones grow up happily and healthily in a beautiful environment, now and in the future. Therefore, LittleAndMe has traveled throughout Asia, North America, and Europe to personally hand-pick the products available through LittleAndMe. All the listed LittleAndMe products must meet or exceed the standards set in our criteria:

  • Meet little ones’ needs at each stage of development
  • Comply with International Safety Standards
  • Toxin – free, Natural and/or Organic
  • Creative, functional, and visually appealing designs
  • Last but not least, superbly crafted quality products that are produced by professional craftsman who are genuinely passionate about their craft and contribution to our next generation.

And is there anything for Mommy? Sure there is! As mothers, we know exactly what busy moms need. Sometimes, just a little more relaxation, a little more help in organizing our hectic lives, and a little more pampering. Do take a look at our selection for moms.

We hope to help moms find products/brands that commit to a better future for our little ones. This is LittleAndMe’s little mission.